River City 21 East Towers

for Axa Investment Managers
Feb.2022 / Tokyo

In 1991, exactly 30 years ago, construction of the River City 21 East Towers was completed. Pioneering Tokyo waterfront development, the complex served as a prototype for high-rise condominium towers emphasizing views. With Tsukishima being the nearest metro station, the location has the friendly atmosphere of an old, traditional downtown neighborhood. At the same time, it provides easy and smooth access to places such as Tokyo Station and Ginza Station, thus attracting a diverse range of tenants. 

This project was planned with the aim of extensively reforming the condominium complex (four towers) of River City 21 East Towers, including the public open spaces, to accommodate new tenants and newly increase asset value. 

After experiencing the pandemic and a situation where people could not freely go out or to work, we thought deeply about how we could enrich and enhance people’s lives, their working environments, and how they spend time. Against a backdrop of people not being able to go to the 2nd place (work) or 3rd place (leisure location), we planned this renovation around the concept of the “1.5 place,” which means creating time and space for both the 2nd and 3rd places around the 1st place (home). 

In the lobbies and public spaces, environments in which residents can gather and work, something that did not exist before, were newly created. At the same time, a former meeting place, which was only used for specific purposes, was transformed into a lounge area and library that allows residents to spend time together. By creating a neighborhood place with a familiar and relaxing environment, we aimed to realize a space where people could experience a sense of fulfillment in their daily lives.