“OVERLAY” sofa

for ASPLUND Co., Ltd
Nov.2023 / Tokyo

A sofa expressing functional elements through layers of design

Post-COVID, activities occurring in various places have changed, leading to the diversification of furniture functions to meet those needs.

For example, spaces like lounges are not just places to relax as they have traditionally been; they are now required to accommodate multiple uses, such as serving as places to work or to hold simple meetings. Against the backdrop of these changes, we have designed furniture that can add the required “functionality” and make it easy to see what can be done in a given space.

OVERLAY is a sofa series that can be customized to meet the user's needs. It combines the comfort of a lounge chair with separate shell layers, allowing configurable functionality for the armrests and bolsters, backrests, and privacy screens.

By providing versatile functionality as needed, the sofa can be used in various settings without limitation, such as at hotels, offices, and other locations.

The sofa is available in three variations: compact “S,” with a backrest “M,” and with a privacy screen “L.” The upholstery colors of each layer are gradient, thus emphasizing each function in a design-oriented manner.

Project member

Yu Yoshie, Mana Okada