for NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Jan.2024 / Yokohama

An installation from the NOMURA Co., Ltd. booth set up at an exhibition that brought together developers, tenants, and design companies.

While the continuing development of numerous sustainable materials, such as upcycled materials, we have focused on fundamental materials for space design, returning to the materials we have used to date and will not be able to separate ourselves from in the future. This focus came from our thoughts that companies and individuals visiting at the venue, who have used those fundamental materials shall have a sense of responsibility and, at the same time, gratitude for those materials. We utilized wood, cement, acrylic, copper, and iron as basic materials, arranging 271 pieces, each measuring 45 mm square. The ratio of each material used is calculated based on the embodied carbon over the life cycle of a building, that includes material procurement, transportation, construction, renovation, and demolition.

Fully understanding the characteristics of the materials is also important for sustainability. The installation allows visitors to visually sense the characteristics of each material, such as wood, which has low emissions but natural deformations, such as cracks and warps, and iron, which has high emissions but can be used for structural purposes, maintaining highly accurate horizontal and vertical integrity.    

The exhibition aims to provide visitors with insights and discoveries to encourage collaborative thinking about sustainable design approaches in the future.

Project member

Shohei Suzuki, Shoko Abe, Kensaku Jyodo, Shigeki Yokote


Nacása & Partners Inc  Masato Kawano

*The clamps used in this installation are exclusive use for “Tsunagi” project,
which is planned and produced by NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD.