for Sogo & Seibu Co.,Ltd.
Sep.2021 / Tokyo

"While being an OMO store, we will create a place where people can experience human-centered consumption that is not excessively tech-orientated."

We aimed to create a worldview containing empty spaces based on the keyword “editing” (the ability to revise and rearrange), which is unique to department stores. The entire store employs a spatial construction structured as a cross between two thick lines, and by tapering slightly from each entrance toward the crossroads, the sense of being immersed in the space is enhanced. Four BASE areas adjoin the crossroads, which serves as a border, providing individuality for each BASE’s materials within a common worldview. Taking advantage of the existing characteristics of the property with its low ceilings and semi-basement-like structure, the blue-painted floor accents the base color, lending to the creation of an achromatic one-color world that gives a sense of the future while being “slightly incongruous.” The two passageways have organic curved lines that invite visitors deeper into the building, and tin panels with a silver-to-blue gradation are reminiscent of a Blue Moment (the moment just before sunrise and just after sunset), providing a special experience while creating a playful and teasing atmosphere unique to the location.   

Another keyword, “sustainable,” is represented by the use of eco-friendly materials throughout, such as crushed glass made from repurposed cathode ray tubes, strand board, and recycled aluminum. Additionally, details such as POP stands and riser items have all been made with a base of scrap materials generated during construction. 


Takumi Ota